Instructor Terri McCardell

Ann Arbor Dog Instructor Terri McCardellTerri McCardell started teaching agility classes at NDT in 2017, after assisting Denise Tarby for several years before that. She teaches most of our introductory agility classes as well as private and semi-private lessons. She enjoys starting new dogs and people in Agility. “It’s fun to take a new dog and handler from not knowing anything about agility to having them be able to run courses and maybe even entering competitions with their dogs.” Terri is a very patient person and understands dogs that aren’t very confident. “It is very important not to push a dog that lacks confidence too fast. It is better to build their confidence slowly.”

Terri continues to attend Advanced Agility classes and seminars to improve her own skills and that of her students.

Terri has made a lot of the PVC equipment that everyone uses at NDT, from jumps to weave poles to gating of various sorts.

Terri enjoys training and showing her dogs in agility. She has owned a Keeshond, Australian Shepherds, and German Shepherds. Terri trained and showed her Keeshond Mia to MX and MXJ titles in agility. She put a MACH agility title on her first German Shepherd Kip.

Terri’s dogs:

  • German Shepherd Dog MACH Kip RN MXS MJB MXP MJP NF CGC
  • Keeshond Maya MX MXJ MJB CGC
  • German Shepherd Dog Zara Vom Meinhaus FDC MX MXB MXJ MJP MFB T2B CGC
  • German Shepherd Dog Simon Vom Meinhaus AX AXJ XF