Adele’s Essays

Adele has been writing on her blog, Northfield Natter, since 2008. Here is a list of several of her essays she has written specifically about obedience training. If you would like to use any of these essays in a club newsletter, you are welcome to do so as long as you give her credit, and share the link to her blog.

Are You Ready? – I discuss ways to decide whether or not you are ready to show your dog.

Crucial Foundation Exercises – June 29, 2013

Dealing with Disappointment

Delicious – About the completion of Gryffin’s OTCh.

Food Delay – How I go about weaning off food to prepare for the ring.

Getting Consistency on Fronts

How I Use Matches to Prepare for a Trial

How to Fit a Dog for a Dumbbell

Musings on Entering the Ring

Obedience Numbers Quiz

Open Training Concepts


Setting Training Goals

The Art of Praise

The Care and Feeding of a Training Partner

The Rule of Three – How I use corrections

Training Logs

Training with Limited Time and Space

Utility Training Concepts

What to Do Between Exercises

Why Do I Volunteer?