Seminar Testimonials

I have attended several seminars by Adele Yunck and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Adele is patient, kind and generous with her time and knowledge. She gathers information from those attending before hand and takes the time to make sure each handler gets exactly what they need to solve their training issues. I encourage all of my own students to attend a seminar with Adele if they possibly can because she will open their eyes to a world of possibilities! She knows how to make learning fun for both the dogs and the humans!

Elizabeth Wells PhD – August 2015

I attended Adele’s Balancing Act seminar in August 2015 in Lansing, MI for some continuing education for both me and my dog to help us move out of the Novice level. I was very impressed with Adele’s ability to break down the basic dog behavior into workable simple steps, no matter the breed. There was plenty of content for both the novice and the advanced titled dog. I appreciate her control of the classroom and her positive way she meets the dog owner at their level of ability. I bought her books and have been working on “doggie pushups.” I am looking forward to improving and attending another of her seminars. It was Fun!

Jennifer Banacki – August 2015

I attended Adele’s Balancing Act seminar this August of 2015 in Lansing, MI. I had done the same seminar in 2005 or so with my old dog. Even though Hubbell and I have been doing obedience for about 5 years, I learned more this time around. Adele was able to work with each individual at their level and give what the dog needed. From Novice beginners to experienced handlers in Utility, we all learned more for our dogs. It was interesting to see Adele work with others as well as myself and my dog. I would highly recommend this seminar to all who are interested in any level of competition to help you and your dog be successful.

Shirley Robertson MD – August 2015

The 2015 Adele Yunck Heeling Camp was well worth the time spent. The information was well presented in a logical way. A tell, show, do approach was used, which really cemented the information so much better than just a lecture or video. There was a lot of floor time for teams with working spots and the “listen” and “do” was interspersed well so that you never got tired of listening or doing. The material was presented in such a way that no matter what level of training your dog was in, there were many relevant things to work on. So many seminars or clinics leave out the beginners or are too basic for advanced dogs. This one was spot on for all levels. To top it off, the lunches and snacks were above and beyond, with plenty of choices to accommodate any dietary whims. We enjoyed an organized dinner out on Saturday night which allowed for more personal conversation and getting to know one another. All in all, a class act. Highly recommended and hope there are more to come.

Carol & Raven – Schwartzpudel Farm – Seymour, TN – June 2015

Heeling Camp 2015 reminded me of all the little details that I’ve scrimped over and need to revisit; like entering and leaving the ring, not settling for less than attention, and improving my about turns, among others. I also enjoy watching others work their dogs. Adele is a great presenter, kept things on track, was totally organized, and covered every small heeling detail.

Irene Mullen – Ontario, Canada – June 2015

The seminar (Heeling Camp 2015) was memorable and useful because of the many, many practical and creative problem solving suggestions.

EG – Bellaire, MI – June 2015

Another great seminar by Adele! It was my first ever all Heeling seminar. I loved that Adele accomodated dogs from beginner level up to advanced. It was great fun meeting new people and dogs. Her training facility is wonderful!

Laurale Stern & Border Terrier Caby – Manitowoc, WI – June 2015

Thanks for the wonderful “Heeling Camp” at Dog Sense in Lakeland this past weekend! I learned so much. I especially loved your demonstrations with Jag and the feedback we got with our own dogs. It was all so clear and practical. See you next time!!

Pat and Maxie – Lakeland, FL – May 2015

I have attended numerous seminars with Adele in the Lakeland area over the past 3 years. Adele is organized, knowledgeable and analytical when generating ideas for handlers and their dogs. She uses motivational games and emphasizes positive reinforcement. There’s no doubt that my dog and I have excelled with the techniques we’ve learned from Adele. Adele accepts handlers working with non-traditional obedience dogs, and can speak with authority in this regard having earned an OTCH on a Border Terrier.

Kristin Stokes – Lakeland, FL

Thank you Adele for the wonderful seminar I attended here on Vancouver Island. It was a pleasure to meet you and see you work your magic! You were quickly able to analyze problems that individual handlers and dogs are having, and come up with the right techniques to help them through their problem solving. Your teaching style had me relaxed and ready to learn. No cookie cutter training, but real advice and individualized training help for the temperament of human and dog(s).

I would recommend attending your seminars to anyone wishing to further their training and relationship goals with their dog(s).

Thanks again, and I hope to work with you in the future.

Jerrilynn Harris – Ladysmith, BC. Canada

The best part of the Adele Yunck clinic for me was her willingness and support for the “off” breeds. I have a Weimeraner and often the instruction at clinics is geared to the Goldens and Border Collies. I appreciated the attention, advice, technique and valued time for my quirky weim and me.

Carol Meshon

I breed and train beagles for obedience, agility, and the breed ring. One of my favorite beagle boys was giving me fits in his beginning obedience training. He is a very smart, but a somewhat willful dog (what a surprise), yet can be easily deflated when he feels I’ve overly criticized him or work on something too much for his taste. I took him to a clinic outside of Baltimore, MD when I learned that Adele was going to be giving a seminar there. Adele worked with me specifically on how to keep Rhys interested and up with short bursts of focused work and, when he got it wrong, continuing to be positive. When I stopped focusing on getting it perfect and turned to just having fun, it all fell into place. It was a great experience and Rhys has been on the right track ever since. Thanks for reminding me that dogs are just like people and we ALL need to have fun in our work – some more than others!

Barb Ferneyhough – White Gloves Farm – Millwood, VA

I highly recommend an Adele Yunck seminar. She is very personable and informative. She made sure that each participant had equal time on the floor to work their dogs. She also made it a point to taylor the seminar to meet the needs of the participants and to assist those with training problems. Adele’s techniques are very fair and informative to the dog.

Pat Vitale-Smith – PA

Great Seminar! My beagle got her UD shortly after we attended.


Thank you very, very much for coming to the Island to present your seminar! I really enjoyed the weekend and gained lots of great ideas to help with my training. I really appreciate your respectful and common sense approach to working with our dogs. I especially like the way you checked in with each handler, when you were coaching one-on-one, to ensure they understood the proof and to confirm the level of distraction they thought their dog could manage. You worked hard to make sure each dog wouldn’t be overwhelmed or traumatized by the proof….. thank you!

Judy Tesky – Ladysmith, BC

Great seminar. Jam packed with useful information, presented in a fun & organized way. Thanks,

Lois C.Fair, Aiken, SC

As a newcomer to competition obedience, I appreciated that you had things to offer for all levels of experience and for handling a myriad of dog personalities! I look forward to the journey and am energized for our upcoming trials.

Katherine – Mount Pleasant, SC

As a newcomer to competition obedience, I appreciated that you had things to offer for all levels of experience and for handling a myriad of dog personalities! I look forward to the journey and am energized for our upcoming trials.

Katherine – Mount Pleasant, SC