Areas of Training:


“In obedience, any time your dog is coming to you, he is doing a recall. The recall is a foundation exercise for many different formal obedience exercises, including the Novice recall, the Open Drop on Recall and all of the retrieve exercises. The basic purpose is for the dog to come at a brisk trot or gallop. The recall is also one of the most common reasons many dog owners sign up for an obedience class: they want their dog to come to them when he is called.” (pg 191, Competition Obedience: A Balance Act)

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Formal Exercises


  • Cookie-toss recall
  • Cookie-toss recall through chute
  • Motivational recall from sit
  • Motivational recall from down



Drop on Recall


  • Recall signal
  • Finish signal (around finish)
  • Finish signal (left finish)