Adele’s Heeling Class

Heeling is Adele’s fourth-level competition obedience class. In this class, the humans learn about footwork and handling. The dogs learn about pace changes (slow and fast), turns (about, left, and right), Figure 8s, and halts. We build on the exercises learned in Fundamentals, Maneuvers, and Come & Stay.

The exercises are introduced in class in the week listed.

If there isn’t a link, it means Adele hasn’t released a video on that topic.


Week 1

Footwork for Fast

Right circles

Sashay sits

Scoot heels

Call to heel

About turn footwork

Week 2

Left circles

Triangle target marking

Footwork for slow


Halt footwork

Week 3

About turns

Left turn footwork

Right turn footwork

Week 4

Right turn start

Right turns

Left turns

Call to heel into a sit

Stand for exam

Week 5

Figure 8s