The Art of Proofing:
Preparing Your Dog For Obedience Trials

Many exhibitors skip the crucial step of proofing when preparing to
show their dog in obedience trials. During proofing, you expose your
dog to more and more difficult distractions to teach him to maintain
his concentration and complete the obedience exercises. This book
helps you explore proofing, whether training by yourself, with a
helper, or in a group. Author Adele Yunck draws on her extensive
teaching and trialing background as she explores this fascinating

The first part of the book talks about proofing in general
and some of the techniques used no matter what the exercise. The 2nd
part covers each AKC exercise, with a tiny bit of UKC and CKC thrown
in. Not surprisingly, the sections on advanced exercises are the
more extensive ones. The author assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of
how obedience trials work and doesn't discuss TOO much training philosophy,
though she does go into training go-outs pretty extensively. The go-out
section is the longest.

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