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Totally Fetching:

Teaching and Proofing a Reliable Retrieve DVD

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 Teaching and Proofing a Reliable Retrieve

In 1995, Adele Yunck and Judy Byron released a 60-minute VHS tape called Positively Fetching: Teaching the Obedience Retrieves Using Food. The video showed how to teach a dog to retrieve a dumbbell and the other items needed for the competition obedience ring, starting with picking appropriate equipment, and taking trainers through each step of the process required to teach a dog to retrieve. Many competitors have mastered this sometimes-difficult concept and gone on to earn advanced titles with their dog, with help from the original tape.

In early 2010, Adele released an updated version on DVD, keeping the best of the original footage, replacing some parts, and adding about 10 minutes of new material. This new material includes a technique for improving the Hold and demonstrations of proofing steps.

Included in the purchase is a small booklet containing the narration of the video for quick reference when out training.

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