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Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act Book

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Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act

In 1998, Judy Byron and Adele Yunck released this nearly 400 page book on training dogs for competition obedience using conditioned reinforcers, food, and fair corrections. It covers all aspects of training, from picking a puppy, training him in the foundation exercises, and proceeding from Novice through Utility training. While Adele and Judy trained in many similar ways, they also describe many of the ways their training toolbox differed. Judy and Adele wrote the book to help trainers who live in remote places without access to good training classes. The book has helped numerous trainers achieve advanced titles with their dogs. The book is liberally illustrated with photos, drawings, and diagrams, and has a very thorough index, helping you to find what you need to work on quickly.

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The book:

  • Discusses a balanced approach to training, using both positive and negative reinforcement, with a focus on the use of conditioned reinforcers.
  • Contains more than 200 illustrations and photos that highlight the text.
  • Includes a detailed, 14 page index.
  • Provides many ideas for proofing for the ring.

Describes how to:

  • Choose the right puppy for obedience.
  • Teach a solid foundation for all of the AKC Novice, Open and Utility exercises.
  • Wean off food for the ring.
  • Know when you are ready to show.

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