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Northfield Dog Training's Weather Closing Information

Other than Adele Yunck who lives on the same property as the training buildings, all of the other instructors who teach at Northfield Dog Training have to drive a distance to get to the building, as do a lot of our students. We sometimes have to make a decision fairly early in the day whether or not we think the roads will be safe for travel all the way through the day and evening. If we have to cancel for bad weather, we will add another week after the original scheduled end of class.

There are certain conditions that turn our driveway and parking lot into a skating rink, even when roads are okay. This happens at some point pretty much every winter. Short of spreading hundreds of pounds of ice melter, we just have to wait for Mother Nature to improve the conditions.

We do our best to notify students about class cancelations via a message on the home page of the website and on the school Facebook page. Our instructors also do their best to send out an email about the cancelation. Please check these various locations before coming to class each week.

Every so often, we have a power outage that requires class cancelations.