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Northfield Dog Training's Buildings

The Big Building

NDT's Big Building

Northfield Dog Training has two indoor training buildings. Our large training building allows year-round agility and obedience training in air conditioned/heated comfort. It is 80' X 156', with 1.5" thick poured rubber training floor with 9mm rolled rubber on top. The arena floor is 78' X 124'. For classes, the room is split in half with moveable PVC fences, with agility classes held on the south end of the building and obedience and rally classes on the north end.

The facility includes a kitchen, equipment room, upstairs crating area, a one stall men's bathroom and 3-stall women's bathroom. It is a treat to train in, especially in the hot summer months.

The Small Building

NDT's Small Building

Our small training building is 30' by 64'. It has the same top layer of rubber matting for the training floor as our large building. We hold our Puppy Kindergarten classes and the occasional Jumpstart class as well as the Canine Good Citizen classes in the small building.

The Agility Yard

We have a fully fenced 150' X 180' yard, where we used to hold agility classes before we built the Big Building. Adele's retriever classes often meet in this yard in the warmer months.

The buildings and agility yard are available for rental by the hour as well as for day-long or weekend events such as obedience, rally, or agility trials.

Click here for a map and directions to our training facility.